Topical Resources

Gender, Marriage and Morality Issues

Video clips shown at the fall 2013 GCLI:
Mark Driscoll Video
Ravi Zacharias Video
Tim Keller Video

Pure Intimacy is an excellent web resource. It has sections on various dimensions of the above topics.

A very good, comprehensive book on the political, medical, social and spiritual dimensions of homosexuality in America is Homosexuality and the Politics of Truth by Jeffrey Satinover.

Here is also a very helpful article by former homosexual Joe Dallas which answers theological arguments posed by gays. This is revised and abridged from the book, A Strong Delusion: Confronting the “Gay Christian” Movement, by Joe Dallas (Harvest House, 1996).

Mark Bowen, pastor of the GC Church, Evergreen Community in Minneapolis, has researched and speaks on the subject of homosexuality. Some of his message links and titles can be found here:

  • “The Gift Confused”, May 20, 2012 (#3 in God’s Great Gift of Sex series)
  • “Money, Sex and The Gospel”, March 10, 2013 (#7 in God’s Letter to the Twin Cities series)
  • “Caring for the Homosexual”, May 20, 2012 (our website attributes this message to Mark, but it was given by Andrea Replogle from GCM. Andrea is a former lesbian, who is now married with 4 children)

Messages on Gender, Marriage and Morality by John Meyer
What is Marriage
Fallen Sexuality
Redeemed and Holy
Marriage Made in Heaven
Jesus’ Relationships with Women

A paper outlining the Biblical basis for understanding Gender, Marriage and Morality by John Meyer
“Understanding the Amazing Wonder of Gender, Marriage, and Morality through the Words of the Bible”