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Gender, Marriage and Morality Issues

From series Marriage, Morality and God’s Plan, Summitview Church

Me, Authority, and the Design of the Dance
– John Meyer
In a perfect world would perfect people need authority in their lives? In perfect relationships should one person be in authority over the other? Can authority and love go together? The Bible brings a perspective very different from the one we see promoted around us. But when we see what God sees, all of life becomes an opportunity to learn to dance.

What is Marriage
– John Meyer
What is marriage? Why did God make it? Do God’s purposes for marriage give us instruction for what marriage should and shouldn’t be? Take a look at God’s plan for mankind’s most intimate relationship.

Fallen Sexuality
– John Meyer
Sexuality is the most powerful created aspect of what it means to be human. What happens when that incredibly powerful gift is used outside of God’s plan? The Bible describes the answer, and it is something that doesn’t bring good to anyone.

Redeemed and Holy
– John Meyer
In a sex-saturated world, what does it mean to live as the people of God? What does it mean to grow more and more into a heart that lives in what is good and loves others as God does? And how can we experience relationships as brothers and sisters in Christ that create true, healthy community?

Marriage Made in Heaven
– John Meyer
The Bible begins and ends with a marriage. We all are meant to have a part in the last one. Understanding what that means brings a life-giving hope that puts all of this life in right perspective.

From series Jesus, Up Close and Personal, Summitview Church

Jesus’ Relationships with Women
– John Meyer
Jesus honored and respected women. He extended compassion and protection to women. He accepted and valued them both as individuals and uniquely as women. His relationships with women were counter-cultural in His day, and they are counter-cultural in ours. We see in Jesus’ relationships with women the perfect heart of God and the example of a perfect man.

From Front Range Men’s Conference, Pure Strength

Play the Man
– John Meyer
What does God want for men? How is masculinity to be expressed in the world? What does it mean to be male in God’s image? Hear God’s heart on strong men.

Know Your Father
– John Meyer
Strength has a foundation. No man can be strong over time just by looking within himself. Jesus was strong because He knew His Father; that will be our secret too.

Under Authority
– John Meyer
True manhood is not about independence. Our manhood is most fully realized when we bring our strength to something greater than ourselves. Every man is called to serve his Captain.

A Matter of Clarity
– Pat Sokoll
What do you want in life? If you want life to the full, you have to follow Jesus. And to follow Jesus, there has to be some self-imposed discipline and training. To train hard and well, there are four areas of motivation that you have to own.

The History of the World
– John Meyer
The history of the world shows us that Jesus came to live the human life that God wanted and deserved. And it is by this life that we can walk into the presence of God. Jesus expressed the fullness of manhood, and we are called to imitate that expression.

Strength Restored
– Mitch Majeski
Men are called to expend strength. But things of this world – like pornography and other sexual sins – sap that strength. The reality is that there is a battle in us between the promises of sin and the promises of God. Which promises are you going to believe?

Single Seminar: On Wisdom
– Aaron Ritter
Aaron Ritter shares thoughts on wisdom and purity from Proverbs 5 for the single men at the “Pure Strength” men’s conference.

Married Seminar: To the Married Men
– Mitch Majeski
Mitch Majeski talks about the anxieties of marriage and how to overcome them at the “Pure Strength” men’s conference.

Teen Seminar: Of Boys and Men
– Travis Swan
The teen’s seminar from the “Pure Strength” men’s conference.

A paper outlining the Biblical basis for understanding Gender, Marriage and Morality by John Meyer
“Understanding the Amazing Wonder of Gender, Marriage, and Morality through the Words of the Bible”